Updated skincare routine !

Since writing my skincare routine post in February it's changed pretty drastically so here is a more updated version! Cleansers: I'm currently using two cleansers, the first one is the body shop camomile sumptuous cleansing butter, this is a great oil cleanser to remove make up but it has a really strong scent which some... Continue Reading →


Beauteque June beauty bag – review

I've really wanted to try a kbeauty box for the longest time after doing a bit of research I settled on the beauteque beauty bag since it was pretty affordable ($22) and you get six full size product which to me sounded really good! Products: Lindsay - lavender modelling mask I've been wanting to try... Continue Reading →

My top 5 Korean products

Korean skincare products are hyped up about, and it makes sense they're affordable and for many people they give results! I've tried several over this year and I wanted to talk about a few that I really love and will probably continue to use! Innisfree Canola honey jelly mist When I first started my skincare... Continue Reading →

How to start a skincare routine

I think a lot of times when people become interested in skincare it can be a little overwhelming, there's a huge amount of information and it can be pretty confusing. When I got into skincare I think it took me around a week to fully understand and try to attempt a skincare routine, so I... Continue Reading →

5 tips to deal with dry skin

Dry, flaky skin has been my biggest skin concern for the longest time, however after I started taking proper care of my skin and using products that actually helped hydrate and protect my skin I've found such extreme changes to my skin (duh!). So I just wanted to write about some tips that might help... Continue Reading →

Review: The ordinary skincare

The Ordinary has been one of the most talked about skincare brands this year, it makes sense as the company's focus on ingredients, it's affordability and it's simple but effective approach leave very little else to be desired. I've talked about The ordinary before in my skincare routine and I mentioned how I was very much... Continue Reading →

Review: Leaders Amino Moisture Mask

A few months ago I decided to buy some Korean sheet masks after basically figuring out that the ones made here aren't particularly great, one of the ones that caught my eye was the Leaders Amino Moisture Mask, despite the fact that I haven't heard of the company before after reading a few reviews I... Continue Reading →

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