My top 5 Korean products

Korean skincare products are hyped up about, and it makes sense they’re affordable and for many people they give results! I’ve tried several over this year and I wanted to talk about a few that I really love and will probably continue to use!

Innisfree Canola honey jelly mist

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When I first started my skincare routine I didn’t find a particular use for facial mists, they seemed like a gimmicky product that you spend money on that never really did anything, however I read an article on how skincare mists could help improve the performance of other products (like a hyaluronic serum) and that it can also improve hydration and so I placed an order for the Innisfree canola honey mist.

The way I use this mist is in between steps to refresh my face, and also right before I use my Cosrx Hyaluronic serum. The sprayer on this mask is pretty good, I find that it dispenses in a very fine mist so it doesn’t feel like your skin is wet, it quickly absorbs into your skin and it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and fresh. It has a very watery feeling but it does feel slightly sticky after spraying it but I find that because I apply other products on top the stickiness is quickly gone. It does have a slight smell however it goes away pretty fast and it’s affordable!!

There are quite a few notable ingredients such as honey extract watercamellia sinensis leaf extractglycerin. But it also contains fragrance so if you’re sensitive to fragrance then it might not be for you! (CosDNA)

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Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser

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Cosrx low pH cleanser, the only second step cleanser I’m ever going to use (probably). I use it this as my second step cleanser at night. Because I don’t wear a lot of make up I can’t tell if it’s good at removing base makeup, also since I use an oil cleanser beforehand most of my make up and sun cream are removed by my first cleanse, but this does do a really good job removing any leftover dirt on my face. It’s a gel cleanser which can sometimes be drying however even though I have dry skin my skin never feels tight after using this. Another bonus is that this cleanser is really easy to find because it’s so popular also it’s affordable, it’s not only under $12 you also get 150 ml, which has lasted me over 2 months and there is still a fair bit inside the tube. Also as it comes in a tube it makes it easier to dispense. I don’t find that it foams up to much, which I don’t mind but you can get it to foam a lot if you use a lot of product and really rub it in.

Here is the CosDNA, it doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate this is probably why I don’t feel the stripping effect other cleansers tend to have.

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Cosrx Holy Moly Snail Mask

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This was maybe the second sheet mask that I ever really enjoyed, the cosrx holy moly snail mask is great for dry skin and is really really useful in the winter months when the weather is much drier.

When you take the mask out it is dripping with essence which I know some people might not like but I really don’t mind, the mask fits my face pretty well. I can keep it on for around 30 minutes before it starts to dry out, once I remove the mask my skin is covered in essence however it absorbs really quickly. It makes my skin feel hydrated and plump. Also the smell isn’t too strong it smells very medicinal.

It has no red flag ingredients, it contains red ginseng water, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin and arginine which are amazing for dry skin. (CosDNA)

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Leaders mediu amino mask – moisture

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I’ve actually done a review on this mask, my opinions still haven’t changed. It’s amazing for dry skin and great for sensitive skin as well. It hydrates your skin really well while also giving the skin a slight glowing effect for a few hours! Also the mask got me more interested in amino acids in skincare and it set a really high standard for other sheet mask to follow. It’s also really affordable!

There are some amazing ingredients in here like lysine, histidine, arginine, serine and ceramide which are all great for dry skin. (CosDNA)

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5) Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun cream


I’ve been using this for over a month now and this maybe a really good affordable sun cream for most people (even people with darker skin like me). There is a very little white cast that disappears pretty quickly if you blend it in really well. It’s also not too greasy or oily which means it’s great for people with oily skin but it doesn’t mattify the skin like other sun creams tend to do so it can be great for people with dry skin as well. It’s very much like a normal moisturiser which means it makes it really easy to use the amount of sun cream you need to be properly protected from the sun (1/4th of a teaspoon for your face). It has a slight fragrance but it isn’t anything too strong.

I do find that when I get it in my hair e.g. my eyebrows or the hair around my face it’s really difficult to remove and if you don’t properly blend it out it can start to pill. Also you only get 50ml and because I use it everyday I’d rather it was a little bit bigger however it is pretty affordable so it’s fine.

It contains aloe vera, also this is a chemical sunscreen which some people are sensitive too however it hasn’t broken me out. (CosDNA)

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* these links are affiliate link if you click them and buy through them then I will receive a little bit of money.

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