Beauteque June beauty bag – review

I’ve really wanted to try a kbeauty box for the longest time after doing a bit of research I settled on the beauteque beauty bag since it was pretty affordable ($22) and you get six full size product which to me sounded really good!


  • Lindsay – lavender modelling mask
    • I’ve been wanting to try this mask out for ages so I was really happy to find it in my beauty bag. The application was okay, you fill the cup with water to the line and then mix with the spatula provided, but I found the spatula was probably not suited since it was like a ladle so some of the powder would get stuck inside the spoon. I also found it impossible to apply the mask on to my face using the spatula so instead I just used my fingers to apply it, also you are meant to apply it thicker on the edges so that you’re able to remove it all in one piece.
      I left the mask on for 10 minutes and I found it felt cooling for the whole time!! After that I removed it but I didn’t actually get it off in one mask this was probably my fault for not applying enough on one of the sides.
    • I found my face felt really hydrated and calmed, also I used it right after toning and my face didn’t feel dry at all which is really useful. But the next morning I did find that there was a pimple on the side of my face but this might not be because of the mask.
  • Peripera – Speedy eyebrow auto pencil
    • The shade they send to me was grey brown, I found that it was the right type of brown where someone who had black could still use it which meant I could fill my eyebrows using it.
    • There’s two sides, one is a spoolie and the other is the product. The product itself is quite stiff but I think this actually is very useful since it gives a lot more control, it is also quite pigmented so it’s really easy to fill in brows. I do think the staying power is quite low since after a few hours I find that I’ve basically sweated it off but I don’t mind since my brows are already quite thick and I don’t really pay too much attention to them!
  • Etude house – lovely cookie blusher (number 2)
    • There’s usually at least one thing that is a miss in a beauty bag and for me it was this one. They send me a very pasty pink blush which for my dark skin there’s no way I could use it. The only possible use I might have for it is to use it to set my eye shadow primer.
    • I’ve tried several beauty boxes and getting send products that don’t match my skin tone is not rare but it is slightly annoying.
  • It’s skin – Vita-P Soothing Gel
    • I haven’t used this on my face instead I’ve used it to moisturise the skin on the rest of my body and I have found it’s a great moisturising gel for the body. It has a slightly sticky texture however that soon disappears. It has a pleasant smell and I find the moisturising effect last for quite a long time.
  • Tsaio – Camellia Wash-Remove Oil Mousse
    • I’ve used this several time, it has a pump and once you pump it the oil is turned into a foam. It’s really good at removing make up and doesn’t make my skin feel tight after washing it off.
  • Shimeiyi – Oval Face Brush
    •  I don’t wear face make up so I haven’t used it and instead gave it to my sister who says it’s very soft however some of the hairs do come out while using it.


They ship the products out at the end of each month, since I live in the UK it takes a little bit longer, however I receive it around the middle of the month. For this bag I had to pay customs fees (around £12 I think) however for July’s bag I actually didn’t have to, the reason may be because the June bag was much bigger than this month’s bag. So if you live in the UK I can’t confirm whether or not you’ll have to pay for customs.

Overall rating:

I think the beauteque beauty bag is really nice, it has just the right amount of make up items and skincare items, and allows me to try out different brands from Korea that may not be as popular. It’s also really affordable even with shipping. Also you get a cute bag each time which I think is really resourceful instead of using a cardboard box because usually I throw those away however in this case I can keep the bag and use it for other purposes.The downside is that not everything in the bag might suit everyone also if you live outside of the US there is a chance of custom fees.

You can also sign up for a beauteque beauty bag using this link*!


*This is a referral link so if you use it and sign up I will get compensated by the company.


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