Updated skincare routine !

Since writing my skincare routine post in February it’s changed pretty drastically so here is a more updated version!


I’m currently using two cleansers, the first one is the body shop camomile sumptuous cleansing butter, this is a great oil cleanser to remove make up but it has a really strong scent which some people might not like. My second cleanser is the cosrx low pH Good morning gel cleanser, the best thing about this cleanser is that it has a low enough pH so that it doesn’t damage your skin, it’s also really affordable and you get 150ml which lasts me forever. I have talked about this on my other blog post which is here.

Toners, oils and essences

The mist I’m currently using is the skin&lab vitamin toner&mist, it is really hydrating, the mist on it is really fine and I use it as a toner and then in between steps. I also use the cosrx hyaluronic acid hydra power essence, this has a really nice watery texture, it spreads onto the face nicely and smoothly and instantly hydrates my skin, also I find that on days where I forgot to put it on my skin feels slightly drier! I also use the ordinary 100% plant-derived squalane, this is really runny and slightly oily therefore it’s great for moisturising, but I do think it might be too oily for oilier skin types.


The active that I use everyday is the ordinary niacianmide 10% + zinc 1%, I’ve talked loads about this in my ordinary skincare review. I truly love it and it’s currently one of my favourite items in my routine! I also use the ordinary MAP 10%,  which is essentially a form of vitamin c, while I originally really enjoyed this my dark spots have stopped fading therefore I’m ready to try out other vitamin c’s.

I have a ton of chemical exfoliators, I have the nib+fab glycolic fix exfoliating pads (which I wrote a review about on here), the pixi glow tonic (also I have a referral code that gives you $5 off!), the ordinary salicylic acid 2% and the Lucy Daily Wang Peel Bong. These are all used at night and I tend to switch them up since that’s what works best for my skin.


The only moisturiser I’m using right now is the Torriden Cellmazing Centellareal lotion, I don’t particularly like it and I did write a lil review on my instagram but to sum it up when I use it my skin gets very dry, which makes this probably more effective for oilier skin, it does have some great ingredients however e.g. niacinamide, Centella asiatica. I’ve been using it for just over a month now and I haven’t found any long term effects such as brightening. Also the packaging is annoying, it’s just a hole and you have to shake it to get any product out so either I end up with way too much or not enough. I can’t wait for my cosrx snail cream to finally be delivered so I can move on from this one.


I love masks ! My favourite type of masks have got to be overnight masks since you get to use them every single day, the ones that I’m currently using are the cosrx ultimate moisturising honey overnight mask and the Tonymoly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack, these are both really good at hydrating the skin, the tonymoly one is much more like a cream while the cosrx one has a very gel like structure this also makes it great at cooling if you put it in the fridge (I’ve also wrote a review about this one which is here)

I use sheet masks once or twice a week however they change as I’m always trying new ones out currently I’ve got the leaders propolis snail mask. Sheet masks are usually great for hydrating and making skin look glowy.

I also use the Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask, I use it once or twice a week, usually after a shower and I’ve found that when I use it my skin is smooth but sometimes the pieces can be very big so I have to dilute it with water by quite a bit! It also smells great.


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