Review: Keeome hydration therapy mask

I've been gone for a bit which probably wasn't too great however after being ill and a broken phone I figured I'd take a break and come back when I was a little bit more organised. But during this terrible week I did get my Birchbox which was a plus. If you don't know what... Continue Reading →


Review: Garnier moisture bomb tissue mask

I wanted to do a review on this product because I was really excited to try it out but honestly I found it to be kind of a flop. I've used it three times now and each time it's been pretty disappointing. The mask is advertised as adding moisture to your skin, and it's also... Continue Reading →

Skincare routine

I said I would do a post going fully into my skincare routine so here it is! Before I mention the products I use I wanted to explain how my skin used to be before I got interested in skincare. I did basically the minimal when it came to looking after my skin I'd wake... Continue Reading →

Skincare and makeup profile

I figured that before making my posts about my favourite and not-so favourites in regards to skincare and make up items. I should try and give a small summary about my skin and perhaps some information about my makeup routine too. I have dry skin that can also be very dehydrated, the issues I've had with my... Continue Reading →

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